Exchange: can a robot part (ie arm) enter the exchange

(ie break the vertical plane of the exchange openings on the field side of the exchanges)

Here’s the rule I think you’re looking for

So, a “brief incursion” is fine, especially if the robot isn’t in contact with anything outside the field and isn’t controlling a Power Cube in contact with anything outside the field. Any contact more than “brief” may get your robot disabled for the rest of the match.

If your robot/game play intends such a “brief incursion” it might be wise to ask the head ref. if they find the action acceptable prior to any qualification matches. Show them your version of the exchange (perhaps in a practice match) and get their input.

Thank you, both.
So, since we are in the design, prototype stage, prudence would say to make a design that fully retracts the arms (on the side(s) of the cube) BEFORE breaking the plane of the lower exchange opening if possible?
I sure wouldn’t want a disabled robot on a misinterpretation of the rules.

The** FIELD **for FIRST® POWER UPSM is a 27 ft. (~823 cm) by 54 ft. (~1646 cm) carpeted area, bound by and including the inward-facing surfaces of the GUARDRAILS, PORTALS, **EXCHANGE walls **and ALLIANCE WALLS.

S05. ROBOTS,** stay on the FIELD** during the MATCH. ROBOTS and anything they control, e.g. a POWER CUBE, may not contact anything outside the FIELD with the exception of brief incursions** beyond the EXCHANGE** or the opening in the PORTAL wall. Violation: Offending ROBOT will be DISABLED

a polycarbonate wall 6 ft. 5 ¾ in. (~197 cm) tall by 4 ft. (~122 cm) wide located between PLAYER STATION 1 and PLAYER STATION 2 and used by ROBOTS to deliver POWER CUBES to HUMAN PLAYERS

Since the Exchange is a wall and inward facing surfaces… brief incursions beyond that wall IMO is what they are talking about

Also remember, while most here on chief Delphi try to help, it is not an official information exchange. The rule, Q & A and the HEAD REF at an event are the source for answers.
And remember the head ref may have a different opinion at a different event, regardless of a rule.

My interpretation of the “brief incursion” rule is that it will not be a problem as long as it isn’t strategic. I wouldn’t design your mechanism in a way that requires it to break the plane of the exchange wall; doing a redesign in the pits is never fun.

Yes, unofficial but HUGELY helpful BEFORE the official troubles begin. :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you. Exactly what we are trying to avoid. :slight_smile:

The words “contact outside” indicate to me only air probably gives you some leeway. But then again objects you control count so perhaps not… depends on the head ref interpretation.