Excitement at IRI this year.

I’ve watched a few IRI’s in the past, and this one had to be one of the most interesting I have seen.

The entire event was absolutely amazing. Every match there were 3 robots that worked great, and truly showed how this game looked at the highest level of competition. It was like division elims and Einstein throughout quals and elims, which is how this game is made to be played.

Then we got to eliminations, and had to have some of the most incredible things that I have ever seen in my entire time in first.

First, we had 254’s amazing human player shot. I still don’t know how he pulled that off, but that had to be the shot of the year.

Next, we had our match, where all 3 robots died around the same time. It was really funny just seeing the looks on everyone’s faces, and watching the video of our drive team just smiling as the match continues with all 3 robots dead. I have never seen all 3 robots on 1 alliance dead without there being a major problem with the field, and it was just interesting to see.

Then we had the match where 1625 threw the ball at the score table and reset the wifi. Also one of the oddest things I have ever seen.

Anybody else have some exciting moments or experiences either this year or in the past?

Sorry about the weird flow. I’m tired and can’t really piece what I want to say together right now.

The A/V crew had a close encounter with a stray ball. It hit a members head and bounced straight into the monitor next to him. Luckily it didn’t break in the slightest. Watch match 7 to see it happen in the background 40 seconds in.

There was a rap battle!!! Me and somebody from Theory6

The most exciting part for me was to get to see all the good teams up close and in-person since 1619 wasn’t invited to Championships this year. The level of competition was so much different from any other event we attended in the past, which was a lot of fun. All the robots were incredibly well built and the matches truly came down to who executed their strategy the best.

Seeing all the different robot designs (and robot cart designs) was really cool in the pits. 118 in particular had an interesting design for their shooting mechanism that allowed them to shoot with any degree of power. 1806 had a robot cart that both drove under its own power and included a scissor lift that could raise or lower the platform that the robot sat on if you wanted to work on it.

Our team (me especially) learned a lot by coming and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again next year. It was been my favorite competition out of those that I’ve ever attended.

Sorry about that. That was the last shot we sent in the direction of the scoring table.

Here’s video of 1625 resetting the wifi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjSRiN25_vI&t=26s

Every year at IRI is exciting. There’s always something amazing happening. When I get home I’ll make a top 5.

My coach jokes about “cutting off a finger” for every truss I miss and after that shot he didn’t know if he should be impressed or cut off my whole hand:rolleyes:

Maybe both :smiley: Although I wasn’t there, I was watching the live stream the entire time. One of my favorite moments was when 4488 won their first match in elims, it was really exciting to see such a young team playing at such a high level.

I have to echo similar sentiments here. Shockwave was one of our favorite teams we got the honor to work and compete with for the 1st time this year. You guys were amazing, all year, and it was no surprise to us to see you guys performing well at IRI, as well. We look forward to any opportunity to play with you guys in the future. Amazing job, guys!

There is some discussion, link to the video and a animated GIF for 254’s human player shot on the “IRI Predictions” post, page 5. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130016&page=5

I spent some time in the pits talking to Shockwave. Very cool team to talk to.