Exciting Robotics Fundraiser in Los Angeles

Hope it’s okay to post this here.
This summer, Team 4276, the Surf City Vikings from Huntington Beach, CA are raising funds to cover materials for student summer robotics projects, to introduce incoming freshman to the club, and cover the costs of hosting our 2nd Annual Totebot Race Competition.

We have partnered with the Los Angeles Fire Department to provide an exciting fireboat tour and demonstration in the Port of Los Angeles (as the largest active firefighting boat on the West Coast, they rarely let visitors tour the boat, much less bring them along for actual firehose demos on the water). In addition, the firefighters will be cooking up dinner in the firehouse for all guests! Since only 20 visitors are allowed on the boat, it’s a pretty personalized experience.

The tour date is Saturday, May 28th (over Memorial Day Weekend)

Anyway, if any members of the robotics community are interested in helping out our team (and get a really great tour and dinner along the way), I thought I’d post information about it here.
More information: http://www.vikings4276.com/fireboat-tour-and-fundraiser/

Thanks everyone!

This looks like a really really cool opprotunity. Too bad it’s over 4000km’s aways.

If I lived closer I would go! Very cool fundraising idea, and it’s awesome to see outreach with diffrernt parts of the community. Best of luck with the fundraiser!

Just thought I’d share a few photos from when our robotics team took the same tour last summer.