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Here is a link to the compiler that MPLab is generously providing for FIRST teams. The link is in the left-most column of the USFirst site, underneath “Kickoff”. It’s titled “Microchip Software downloads”. If you can’t find the link, then USFirst has probably removed it at MPLab’s request.

Please remember that this compiler is to be used for FIRST related things ONLY… if you have a problem with that then don’t follow the link below. Please do not distribute the compiler.



Thanks for this.

Should we be posting this in a guest-viewable thread?

Doesn’t work, but I’ll try at home where I have more bandwidth to work with.

Registration is free here anyway…

I’m going to tell you exactly what I PMed Brandon as far as this link goes. And keep in mind, this is only my OPINION.

"During Kickoff Dave made a big point of saying not to extend the compiler to outside sources. I know you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, though I know this site is used for FIRST discussion, in my book, that link should NOT be posted on chiefdelphi. It seems to me that it will get around through word of mouth for the people who have not seen the video. Besides, students spend tons of time on the FIRST site during build season and would probably stumble across it anyway.

I’m just worried that, in my opinion, CD is a lot more public than FIRST’s site, and that Microchips’ “gift” will become…thievery.

I am PMing you asking you to please remove this thread, if you agree with me."

Except that you can get that link off the MAIN PAGE of www.usfirst.org

Don’t see the problem of having it be in an obscure thread when it’s on FIRST’s main page…


i thought i heard them say that it was going to be posted on usfirst.org, how is that any more secure than this forum?

I need a little help with configuring the files!

From what I understand they’re only going to keep that link up on the usfirst site for two weeks only and after that you’ll have to contact FIRST for the software. What MPLab has done is VERY generous and it’s understandable that they don’t want a permanent link. However, posting the link on CD will make it permanent unless something is done about it.

This brings me to the solution I propose.
I agree with Sara’s point but what I suggest is after two weeks this thread should be edited or deleted to protect MPLab’s “gift”.

After two weeks I will return and remove the link. That’s a fair compromise.


Might I suggest something different? If FIRST is really serious about keeping this related to FIRST only, and they are going to be responsible for keeping the link at their website for 2 weeks, I think it is better if this thread is directing people to the right location in the FIRST site. That way when FIRST take the link off their website, the link posted here won’t work anymore.

This will shift the responsibility of you having to delete your message after two weeks back to FIRST, and they have total control of how long this link will be posted publically.

Original posted has been edited.


I’m with Mr. Toast, Ken Leung is a smart guy. Brandon said even he wasn’t sure what to do about this, but that seems to clear things up and just about solve the problem. :slight_smile: Good thinking guys!

what is the purpose of having visual studio .net 2003 in the kits?

Some people have written their own ‘Dashboard’ programs to monitor their bot. That is one use that would be kind of cool.


What exactly is the problem? We might be able to make a guess with some more info. :slight_smile:

link’s down. :frowning:

hey, do you guys know any other possible links?

from the link we can download the compiler. what about MPLAB, what version shoudl we be usuing… sorry havnt opened kit yet.

Mirrored here as well:

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Please refer to Dave Lavery’s post here:

The only allowable link to the new compiler is FIRST’s website: www.usfirst.org
Thank you for your understanding.
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They’ll come down when the FIRST link goes down.