Executing FRC Example lvproj files

I would like to execute the examples in the Support -> FRC Examples library.

Here’s my set up. Laptop connected to CRIO. IP set to 10.te.am.0x

I open relay.lvproj. Update the IP to our te.am address.

Modify the vi for relay.vi to meet our CRIO and digital sidecar layout.

Click on the -> run arrow from the labview front panel.

See the software compile and deploy to the CRIO.

The front panel returns with what looks like run mode. Click on the controls on the front panel to change relay settings.


Did I miss a step? Am I wrong to think these will run without the driver’s station running?

Lost, please help.

Mark G

In any I/O code testing, you will need the driver station open. If it is not open, the robot defaults to disabled and outputs are stopped. There are a few corner cases where you do not need the driver station in order to test code, but those are mainly communicating with the dashboard.

In short, yes, you need the DS to be running and enabled to see changes in relays and other outputs. If it is still not working, please reply so the CD community can help.

The examples have the same limitations as the regular robot code. You need to have the driver station running and enabled to be able to control hardware (like a relay).

Working exactly as you described. Thanks to CD community.