Executive Advisory Board

Does anyone know who sits on the Executive Advisory Board?

Yep. They have the listing in the program manual FIRST gave to each team at the Championships.

Here’s a list of names:
Dean Kamen-------------------DEKA R&D
Woodie Flowers----------------MIT Professor
Carol Bartz--------------------Chairman and CEO: Autodesk, Inc
Nick Caporella-----------------Chairman and CEO: National Beverage Corporation
John Cassidy------------------Senior Vice President Science & Technology: United Technologies Corporation
Peter Eio---------------------President, retired: LEGO Systems, Inc.
Fred Hubacker-----------------Vice President: Venture Industries
Trevor Jones------------------Chairman & CEO: BIOMEC Inc.
Kjeld Kristiansen---------------President & CEO: LEGO SYSTEM A/A
James Lenehan---------------Vice Chairman, Board of Directors: Johnson & Johnson
David Lavery------------------Program Executive for Solar System Exploration: NASA
William Murphy----------------Founder: Cordis Corporation
Edward Parrish----------------President: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
John Pepper-----------------Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors: The Procter & Gamble Company
Tom Pirelli--------------------Chairman: Arial Systems Corporation
Roland Schmitt---------------President Emeritus: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Gary Tooker------------------Chairman of the Board, retired: Motorola, Inc.
Josh Weston-----------------Chairman & CEO: Automatic Data Processing
William Wulf------------------President: National Academy of Engineering

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[EDIT]Ok, I added the companies and such.[/EDIT]

Thanks alot. But does it list what companies the people are from?