Exempli Gratia: "Jason Morrella" not "Jason Morella"

Maybe I’m being too nitpicky, but can there be some sort of instructional sticky or autocorrecting script added to CD to correct “Morella” with “Morrella” when referring to that one guy on the West Coast who is a FIRST Regional Director, and Krispy Kreme doughnut freak? I mean this both in fun and kind of seriously. I mean… I wouldn’t like it if people kept misspelling my name when it’s out there for everyone to see, it’s his username.

I can understand a few people making the mistake, but this post was prompted by what I thought was a disproportionate amount of misspellings (even by people who know him). If I were him, it would just irk me the same way it irks me when people call me William instead of Bill.

“That’s not my name” is how I would respond. I know Jason is too nice a guy, not wanting to possibly hurt peoples’ feelings over the spelling of his name, to bring this up if he felt this way, which is why I’m doing this on behalf of all people who have their names inexplicably misspelled on these boards.

Kamen isn’t recognized in the spell check either… Ya know, as in that Dean guy… :ahh:

It keeps trying to ask me if I really meant “Karmen”…

I’ve added Morrella and Kamen to the spell check. If there are other names that needed to be added, let us know.

What does spellcheck do about homonyms? I don’t use spellcheck, but seeing the name “Stirling” misspelled drives me batty.

There are many common brand names like Robovation, Chiaphua, DeWalt, Festo, Mindstorms, and Autodesk that are not in the spell checker as well.

Chiefdelphi isn’t in the spell checker either

I don’t know how names are added, but if you can do it in bulk, adding all the member names?


Can we please add Woodie also into the spell check, i mean i know it wont do much when someone types woody in but it sort of bugs me when i type Mr. Flowers name correctly and it says I’m wrong.

Not really. From what I know, we can only add them one at a time… that’s all I’ve ever done. If you have a word to request to be in the spellcheck, let Brandon or myself know.

Dr. Flowers will be added, along with the list of names from this thread. Any others, you can PM to me and I will add.