Expanding FIRST Relationships as a Student

As a student who has been involved in FIRST for 3 years now, I have finally come to the conclusion that I would like to keep FIRST and especially FRC in my life for a long while. In order to do so I feel that it is necessary to expand my camaraderie between myself and others across the nation. I feel as if this is the most appropriate way to accomplish this because as I’m sure you all are aware there are thousands of members here on CD from thousands of different teams :wink: . I’m sure that many of you feel the same way whether you are a mentor or student such as myself. I know personally that FIRST has had an impact on me which is just indescribable, and what I’m currently attempting to do is to expand that to the next level and even further. Just in case anyone is curious I am located in the northeastern portion of Ohio and I’m on team 3193. I’m open to speaking to anyone from any team or any part of the World for that matter. I hope you all understand my goals and it would be much appreciated if some of you would answer the call :). My reasons for creating this thread is to strengthen and improve one of the foundations of FIRST which is to build a greater association between teams and individuals.