Expanding menus

What is the best way to make an expanding menu. I don’t feel like doing tons of coding. Is there a script generator? or program?

I wish I could give you a specific script but I’ve never had to get one. Just try goggling around.

javascript expanding menus, etc


im using a set of scripts called “spry” from adobe labs. you can get it here. it has a ton of cool effects (drop down menus, expanding menus w/ effects) a list of effects with examples is here. and hereyou can see them in a semi finished example state of how you might use it.

im using a collapsible menu on my site here.

hope this helps


Well, i found a way to do it using Adobe Fireworks. Thanks for the tips everyone.

I know Javascript drop-down menus are popular, but I’m a big fan of keeping it to CSS, especially for FIRST sites. At the very least you want to make sure there will be some optional navigation system that can be used if they have Javascript disabled. I’m currently working on developing a two-tier horizontal menu, but most tutorials will show horizontal -> vertical or vertical -> vertical rather than the horizontal -> horizontal look I’m going for with CSS.

I also like using CSS menu’s, but most sliding menu’s are javascript.

They have some neat things here and here