Expanding the ethernet ports on router?

I’m looking for way to easily expanding the ports on the new router. I was wondering what specific products you guys have used so I can get an idea of what works and doesn’t work. We plan on plugging in a Raspberry Pi and Axis Camera into the this network switch.

As recommended in another topic:
TRENDnet 5-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch TEG-S5g

Requires 5VDC at 1A.

Was a little dubious if there would be rules issues with this but at this time no one has voiced a dissenting opinion that this breaks any rules.

It is possible to use the old D-Link router to get more Ethernet ports as long as the wireless is disabled.

Yes. See team update 11 to r57

…assuming this isn’t your first year in FRC and you actually have a D-Link to use.