Expenditure List

We have our first competition and I have been told having an expenditure list necessary to hand in at check-in, but I can’t find anything about this on the FIRST site. Can someone clarify if this is necessary this year?

No. There is no requirement in 2024 (Crescendo) to hand one in. It has not been around for quite a few years. Have fun, good luck!


Thank you! You just saved me five hours of stress and work.


Oh man, brings me back to the old days, where we’re literally in the stands of the regional, googling cost per foot of 2x1 aluminum on our phones, and then hand writing a Bill of Materials on a piece of paper, because we totally forgot we had to do that until the last second.


We used to do ours on the multi hour coach bus ride to the event. So glad the Cost Accounting Worksheet is a thing of the past.

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Some people also called it a Bill of Materials but I don’t think that was a good name. CAW was much better because we weren’t accounting for every nut and bolt like a real BOM


My favorite loophole (as the only person on the CAD team willing to go within 10 feet of the BOM) was the under $5 usd rule - I took that VERY liberally, by my estimates roughly 30-40% of the aluminum on our robot fell under that once I found some very cheap sellers for aluminum.
And don’t get me started on nuts, bolts, and everything else in bulk - roughly 90% of that stuff fell under 5 dollars each.
I think usually that loophole alone saved us at least a thousand dollars each BOM.
The other loopholes were nice but this was the one I exploited as much as I could.