Experience with 20DP 6t and 8t Pinon Gears?

Has anyone has any had any experience with 6t and 8t 20DP pinon gears? I haven’t seen much on teams using them and if they’ve had any issues with them.

I am currently looking at using gears instead of Vexpro’s 180 degree drive to achieve a greater reduction.

222 is using the 6t in a versa DM gearbox as the first reduction for our arm rotation. Both they and the spur gear they interface with seem to be holding up well. We applied liberal amounts of lithium grease for lubricant. The only real complaint is they are a little noisy.

I’ll second that they are pretty noisy. It has definitely gotten better with wear in but right after assembly we thought we did something wrong it was so loud.

We have experience issues with the 6t pinon gears slipping on the output shafts of the 775 pros. We may have gotten lemon parts that were over sized and undersized. Would be interested to know if others have has similar problems.

Did you guys buy the 6t pinon already pressed onto the 775 or did you guys press it on yourselves?

Pressed on ourselves, we used green loctite as a fix when we pressed new ones but ended up having to pin the pinons onto the output shafts of the 775 pro

We’re using a bunch of 6t this year. We have 3 motors per drive gearbox and 2 robots, so a total of 12 motors with the pressed 6t pinions. So far we haven’t experienced any issues (other than initially cutting a set of gearboxes with 6t spacing instead of 8t spacing).

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