Experience with FIRST Forums

What has your experience been with the FIRST Forums? Have many people responded to your posts (and were they official FIRST people, or just general users)? I’ve posted a few things over the past few months, and I’ve only had one person respond (their response wasn’t very helpful and they were a general user). I’m assuming the FIRST Forums are the best place to post things that you want to communicate to FIRST personnel, but perhaps that’s an incorrect assumption.

I can tell people read what I say but the lack of response is at most humbling. I put down something like “We don’t let chromosomes determine team leaders.” If you took a biology class and read what I said to the letter that should make you cringe a little. Sure enough people responded to that.
Yet when I see people ask for how to get better drive practice and I invite them to message me since I am working on creating drive activities I get no response. Maybe its the way I presented myself, maybe its the fact that I don’t have many posts. Still it was startling this wonderful forum is best used for teams to help each other out. Calling each other out is fine too as long as included with ti is constructive criticism. Anyway I’m still out here taking courses I modify out of Safe/Defensive driving classes and for something I thought people would be interested in I got nothing.

Still this is a wonderful resource for getting controversial topics responded to quickly. Casual conversation though seems to escalate quickly…

The internet has a way of escalating conversations quickly when conversing with people you do not know personally.

Its the fact that controversial topics are approached like true scientists and engineers would approach it in a very logical rational way. Trivial questions, ones ask about rules though seem to go hard fast.

I’m almost positive that the OP was not referring to Chief Delphi, but rather the official FIRST Forums here: http://forums.usfirst.org/forum.php. That being said, I had never heard of FIRST Forums until right now.