Experience with MatPlotLib and py2exe


Team 166 has finalized a .csv parser made in python that graphs sets of data obtained from running robot code. However, in trying to convert this file to an executable to release to the public, we’ve had numerous problems using py2exe with matplotlib and trying to configure it to create a working exe. Currently, we are unable to include matplotlib in the final exe, even though it is included and is usable in the python script.

I’ve already taken a look at the matplotlib page on py2exe but the info there hasn’t given us much luck. We were hoping that someone with experience with matplotlib and py2exe can help us with the configurations.

Our setup.py:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe
import matplotlib
options={'py2exe': {


Honestly, you don’t need to compile it to an exe to release it. With python code that does stuff like that, it better to release it under a liscence such as the GNU GPL or CC-BY-NO-SA or WTFPL and send out the source code with it. If you py2exe it, only people that use windows can run it. >_>
I use linux, and I am interested in using this program, and would like to have the source please.

We’re aware, we’re mostly trying to do this so that people who don’t have Python 2.6 or 2.7 installed can use it.
It’s incompatible with 3.x, because of matplotlib and numpy, and some people might not have python installed at all.

The script can be found here, as part of our Framework 166.

I love how the WTFPL is becoming popular around here…kinda wish Googlecode would let us use it.

ah, good point, i thought you were using the py2exe as the only way to dist. the code