Experience with VexPro 9 and 10 Tooth Gears

Now that we’re through a season with them, I’m curious-- how did people like the new CIM/8mm spur gears? Did anyone use them in a drive train? How did they hold up? Did you notice any unexpected issues versus “normal” gears?

We ran the 10t “shark teeth” in our 3NEO custom ballshifters without issue for the entire season. They seemed sketch at first, but there’s really not much more to say.


We ran the 10tooth gears in a WCP Single Speed gearbox. The WCP SS have “snowman holes” for mounting the CIM in different positions based on pinion size. We typically have no issues with those snowman holes causing the CIMs to shift. We experienced some issues with those holes for the first time since 2016 with the 10tooth pinions. The tooth profile was just off enough to allow the CIMs to shift in the snowman hole, and when it did shift it caused the entire gearbox to lock up. In 2016, shifting CIMs just caused whining noises with the 14tooth gears, as opposed to full lock-ups.

That being said, we caught the issue before bag day and corrected it by plugging the far side of the snowman hole. It wasn’t an issue at all during competition.

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We used 9T gears in our drive train and 1 of our mechanisms. We played an entire season of defense on a 6 neo DT, and had no issues however on our other mechanism, they started to slip during a demo for a sponsor after champs. The mechanism was under high shock loads for a few matches at champs. I’m not 100% sure about what happened because we haven’t disassembled and looked at the gearbox yet.

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