Experiences with Cubify 3D printers

Has anyone had multiple issues with their Cubify Cube 3D printers? We’re already on our second one, and it broke today because of us pulling the entire power thing out of the printer (I didn’t know about the locking mechanism…) and we need a new one AGAIN. Anyone have the same problems? How did you get new ones if they broke?

We had a cube a while back and it did the most random things. I’ll see if I can contact anyone who would have worked with it.
To be honest the only reason why I remember we had these issues is that our serial number had 666 on it.

Heh… we spent an entire summer trying to get ours fixed. You don’t need a new one. If you contact them, they’ll help you out and send some new parts to put it together. We did exactly the same thing, and it depends on what broke.

If you’re lucky enough, you can put the machine back together yourself! Contact them at cubifysupport@3dsystems.com or just follow the instructions from their “replacing the power inlet” guide. Link here

If your screen ends up having issues, then you might need a new mainboard, but it depends on what specifically is the issue. Hopefully you can resolve the power inlet with few extra problems.

We have one, but I haven’t worked with it(yet). The only issue we had that I’m aware of is that it doesn’t like networks with a firewall.

I’ve honestly considered buying an Arduino with the right shield and just wiring the stepper motors from our Cube to that for a control system. 99% of the issues we’ve had with our Cube have been related to the terrible software on the machine. The hardware IMO is actually pretty solid.

There’s a reason why the Cube line is being discontinued.

I’ve heard of maybe two people/teams having a good experience with them. The large majority seem to have either given up or learned to live with the collection of issues that the Cube printers present.

You can count us in the given up category. We’ve fixed a lot of very broken things in our time, but this is one that none of us want to invest anymore time in. Anyone k iw what these things used to cost if you were to actually buy one? Seems like an expensive paperweight.

Looks like I am in the minority. We have and ekocyle and it has been phenomenonal.

My school has a CubeX from 3D Systems, the Cube’s bigger brother. Hands down the worst 3D printer I have ever used. Terrible software, ridiculously overpriced filament cartridges, and a nightmare to use and maintain. Definitely stay away from 3D Systems if you are looking for another printer.

Our ekocycle is outright terrible. I would not recommend it to anyone.
One can easily distinguish between layers on a successful print, and the strength of extremely low. Setting it up is nigh on impossible; it took us two days to print eight tiny encoder mounts because we burned an entire day trying to get it to not get caught on pieces.

To be fair, this is true for just about 100% of FDM printers.

Hi. I’ve been using the EkoCycle cube for a while now and thought I could provide some help. I saw your post and it prompted me to create and account finally.
We have had some issues with our two ekocycles but with a little work and ingenuity they have been working fine. One of them has some more serious problems that may have been a result of whoever used it last year but the other one has been going strong for a long time now.

If you have any problems or need some help I’d love to help you out. Reply or PM me with anything. I’d be glad to help. I’ve actually got some great print quality out of them and I’m very happy to use them seeing as they were free for us.

You could print in ABS and rub it with acetone :slight_smile:

Our cube kind of sucks because it always has trouble with drawing filament plus any computer that uses proprietary filament storage… :mad:

First, I generally dislike closed architectures for FDM printers. I have yet to see one of the closed ecosystems where the software is any easier to use or better than the open source products available. We just got a couple of weeks back two Afina printers to add to our 6 Prusa I3 kit based printers.
The jury is still IMHO on if these are more better (fewer failures).

I will bet that someone has already hacked the CUBE with a RAMPS (RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Sheild) controller with Marlin firmware.

90% of the issues with all these printers is diagnosing the root cause of the failures. Lots of variables.

We’ve had issues with our Cubify related to material.

We use about 60 percent of a spool and then it clogs up. Uploaded new firmware to purge the heads, but I’ve tried to purge at least three spools and it only worked once.

Also, clogs in the middle of a part that’s run for 12 hours already. That part is no good now and the material is wasted.

So I take my $50 spool of about a pound of ecocycle material and throw away 40%.

I’ve read there are hacks to use off-the-shelf filament. I’ve always preferred to not use hacks, but since it’s being discontinued, that might be the future.

Some hacks seem complicated enough that maybe I should’ve just designed my own printer.

And if I’m just registering my complaints:

I hate that it only talks over WIFI; sometimes it takes 15 minutes to receive a part. A wire wouldn’t help this?

I hate that it assumes millimeters on all parts. If you scale, the part will be misshapen. We use Inventor and scaling the part before output is a real pain.

I hate that the GUI is set up to look cool but not be easy to use.

I hate that the machine doesn’t seem to work well in a cold shop so on nights when I need to print 17 hours, I need to leave the heat up.

I Love that the printer was free and if it hadn’t been, my team wouldn’t have one.