Experiences With WCP 3 CIM SS Flipped Gearbox

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3555 is in the process of designing a West Coast Drive using the VersaFrame system of gussets, and I am wondering what teams have experienced with the West Coast Products 3 CIM Single Speed Flipped Gearbox. It seems like the go-to gearbox for a 3 CIM West Coast, though I have some concerns that I hope the community can help with:

  1. The motor pinions seem to be extremely far out on the shaft, and whilst I have never seen the retaining clips come off of a CIM motor. I know that 999 made new plates for the motors from talking to them at CT champs, and that seems like what 1073 has done after looking at pictures of their robot, so is this something that other teams experienced and did any problems arise from this?

  2. Since we are going with the single speed variant, it appears that we can mount the encoder on the output shaft with the encoder mount created by 2073, but if we were to switch to the DS, would we have to place the encoder off the gearbox, on an axle? The mount only seems to work on the output shaft, though I am interested to see if it is possible to put it on the second reduction shaft.

  3. How “quick” is the quick change reduction on the gearbox, as described on WCP’s website?

  4. Is the output shaft included, as only 1 shaft is called out in the section of what is included in the documentation?

This gearbox looks fantastic, as long as there are no glaring problems other teams have had.
Thanks for the help!

We were very happy with the gearboxes and had ZERO problems all season.

  1. I was initially concerned with this since the outer retaining ring was so close to the end of the shaft but if we were to use these boxes again vs. making our own, pressed pinions would fix this. There was also no weird tooth wear from the steel pinions mating with the aluminum gear.

  2. We mounted our mag encoders to the Versablock for one of the middle wheels in our 8WD. The middle reduction shaft does have a hole in it but that might be because its Thunderhex, I can’t remember. I don’t think it would be too hard to mount it there if you can make a mount.

  3. We had a early build season ratio switch and it took a student like 10 minutes to swap 4 gearboxes of gears.

  4. I am pretty sure you have to buy the hex output shaft separately

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We ran these new WCP SS Flipped on both our machines(comp & pbot) without major issues.

  1. We only lost two retaining rings all season on the comp gearboxes and no issues on the pbot gearboxes. I believe the only reason we lost the retaining rings were due to the type we purchased from mcmaster-carr. We ran with these metric rings, 92133A109, but i would recommend you go with imperial 98430A132, should give you slightly more press fit.

  2. The 2073 encoder mounts looks pretty solid, we ended up not running any physical encoders on these gearboxes since we were using the Rev BLDC motors which had internal encoders built in.

  3. “quick” is a tricky depending on how the gearbox is installed on your chassis, we ran a brain pan this year instead of a belly pan, so access to the first stage was pretty easy but to dig further in the gearbox is definitely not a quick operation.

  4. The output shaft must be purchased separately P/N 217-3283

We modified the width of these gearboxes since we were only running them in the “SS” config and the spacer and shaft kit is designed for both “SS” and “DS”, we modified the plate spacers, intermediate shaft and output shaft to reduce the overall package width.

The only issues we had was breaking some teeth on 2nd stage and significant gear wear on the 1st, but this is not really a knock against the gearbox, the power of 3 NEOs in combination with small diameter 7075 AL gears is really the root cause. In the future you can prevent this by changing out the gears after X hours of use or find some 4140 Steel alternatives.

I am having finding it quite difficult to locate the mount created by 2073 for encoders. I looked in the guide from WCP for the gearbox but the link to download the mount led to an outdated page on their website. Do you know where I can find a model of the encoder mount?


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