Expired SSL certificate

Hi all. Have been trying to install NavX and CTRE “drivers” via the link on robotpy documentation page. I am using Win10. Simulator code installed OK using “py -3 -m pip install -U robotpy[navx]”. The download for Roborio install was not possible due to “-U” not been recognized (py -3 -m robotpy_installer download -U robotpy[navx]).
With the “-U” removed, the download and pip installed failed due to SSL certificate expiration. Is there a workaround for the expired SSL cert , and if none, who needs to be notified in order for this to be corrected. Thank you!

Are you on a school network? Cert issues usually stem from that.

@Peter_Johnson hosts our stuff. Looks like the cert has indeed expired.

Thank you for the reply. It’s a home network. I’ve tried it on 3 separate laptops on different networks. Same download fail. The Rev packets installed fine. Only the NavX and CTRE were affected. Replacing the “[navx]” at the end with [all] did not help. Still failed.

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It will be a few days before I can fix it. Letsencrypt stopped allowing their old cert handshake process and so it’s going to require a more major upgrade to fix things.

Thank you! Truly appreciate your efforts.

Try to move your computer clock back to an earlier date within the certificate life.

Thanks DaveFrederick. Worked like a charm. Nice work around. I simply changed the computer date to May 1, 2021.
I then entered in the CMD:
py -3 -m robotpy_installer download robotpy[all]
Everything downloaded fine.
Then while on the Rio’s network:
py -3 -m robotpy_installer install robotpy[all]

Everything is now up to date. Muy Bueno!

I am running into this problem now, and can’t figure out how to get around it. I tried connecting through a non-school network and changing the computer clock. Interestingly if I set the clock to Sept. 28, 2021 I get the error “the certificate is not yet valid” and if I set it to Sept. 29, 2021 I get the error “the certificate has expired.” Where is this certificate located? Is it part of robotpy or is it somewhere on my computer? If the latter, can I update it? If it’s part of python will upgrading python also update the cert? I’m running python 3.9.9 and robotpy-installer 2022.1.1.

Update: upgrading python to 3.10.2 did not help.

There’s a --use-certifi option. If you pip install certifi and specify that option to robotpy-installer, it should work for you.

What OS are you on?

I actually just figured that out by digging through the robotpy-installer code on github. I did not find that option documented anywhere, but I trialled-and-errored it and got it to work! Hopefully others who run into this problem will come across this thread. The specific commands are:

$ pip install certifi
$ python -m robotpy_installer download-python --use-certifi

This was on Windows 10.