Explain your Icon

As I have been roaming the CD forums I have noticed some very cool Icons under peoples names I was wondering if you have one of these Icons could you explain it as some people may not know exactly how it relates to you. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: only if you want to of course.

I’m just supporting a team that really, really needs it. :smiley:

Gohan is my hero! My avatar (at the time of this posting) is gohan right after he turned SS2, because I think this was his best showing in the anime series. Alot of people don’t like dragonball-Z, but I love the show.

Mine is the logo of the Colorado Avalanche the best LONG TERM team in the NHL…even though Detroit won this year, all the old men are leaving like I said would happen so the cup returns to denver next year!

I’m a programmer. My team is the NASA Knights. What better than a linux penguin dressed like a knight? :smiley:


hehehe…mine would be the 'bot!

i like custodians, they are funny

In all that I forgot to tell every body what mine was As you can see it is a rock climbing buddy I’m not really into rock climbing just Boldering which means no ropes or harnesses but I have yet to find a bouldering buddy.:smiley:

mine is our robot, manuel overdrive (mo for short). i wish i could get it to be bigger. anyone wanna offer assistance? im me if you can help!

my avatar would be a picture of our 2002 elite software crew… i would be the one on the right… this past year was our best year for software and we did it with just the three of us who in turn also built a very good relationship with each other and have had many awesome late night meetings doing software and having fun.

My avatar is the logo of my team, The Sea Dawgs.

Mine is the first animated gif I ever made. It just flashes FOTOPLASMA over and over… I’ve heard it’s caused epileptic seizures in some of my friends, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. :smiley:

Mine is a Segway…duh…

I decided to make it after i got the chance back when ever that was to ride one…all i did was take the little flash demo or whatever it is on the Segway HT site and take a bunch of screen shots of the segway spinning around when u messed with the controls to turn it…then i put them all together to make myself a spinning Segway avatar :slight_smile:

Mine is Mickey Mouse. Seeing that I love Disney, I thought it would be appropriate.


mine is me :smiley:

i have tardy squeak from the former hit TV show Gerg the bunny I think im going to change it though soon enough


Its my car.

nuff said.



Yep mine is TOBOR V, this year’s robot!! :wink:

  • Katie

Mine is my team’s logo. Mabye some day I’ll also upload a picture of myself (HAH)! :wink:

Starry night by Van gogh(did I spell that rite?) It’s my fav painting… which is funny cause I hate impressionism cept Van gogh… Well, anywayz, I put it up cause I finally got to see it in the flesh in April…went to NYC with drama… well, anywayz, I just think that the painting really makes you think about stuff… for me it just made me realize how insignificant some of the lil things that bother you really are on the vast scheme of things. Isnt that great? Well, anywayz, that’s my story… I have to put a pic of me up here at some point(not the avatar, the other spot)…
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783