Exploding bacon sausage??!!!

OK, I know that Team 1902 has taken their “Exploding Bacon” theme all over the country. So it seems logical that, after enough time and enough exposure, the effects of “Oink! Oink! Boom!” would eventually have to work their way deep into the American culture. But I never expected that they would have this much of an affect this soon. A whole new Exploding Bacon-style cuisine has been started!

See here! (WARNING: your cholesterol levels will go up by a minimum of 40 points just for looking at the linked page) (best comment so far: “Is it legal to marry food?”)

And, yes, as soon as we can chip the ice off the barbeque grill on the deck, I am definitely going to try this! :slight_smile:




You know I saw this picture earlier and sent it to another robotics person, saying “Exploding Bacon!” and “oink, oink, boom!” I don’t feel as crazy making this connection now that I see other people have done it. :wink: Or wait… should I really be judging myself non-crazy by comparing myself to Dave?

“Like comparing penguins to apples” dlavery

I think I just had a heart attack.

I printed out that last picture and ate it. Just eating the photo made my heart go into fib for 30 seconds.

never sausage a thing…

Dave, I thought it was the job of Congress to approve such pork projects. :stuck_out_tongue:

If 1902 doesn’t have this as a giveaway in Atlanta…so help me…

Darn food restrictions at arena’s and competitions :mad:

I was going to comment, “be still my heart” upon seeing this monstrosity, but then on second thought I figured that seeing this in person (just seeing it) might literally cause my heart to be still. So, I guess I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Where do people come up with these ideas?!?!?

EDIT: I just thought of something. Is the “Burnt Finger” Barbecue sauce in the background named for the aftermath of what happens when you stumble too close to an actual piece of bacon that happens to explode? :ahh:

I can’t speak as to the inspiration for the BBQ sauce name…but it is ugly when your finger get’s too close to a batch of Sizzling Swine

If 1902 doesn’t have this as a giveaway in Atlanta…so help me…
Darn food restrictions at arena’s and competitions

hmmm…if only there was some kind of gathering the day before a competition. Some sort of social event for the attending teams perhaps…:wink: :cool:

NJ and Philly =/= Florida :frowning:

If you guys go to Atlanta, and we’re sharing a hotel or a division, I expect a giant loaf of bacon. Lol.

Oh BABY! That looks delicious… I’m gonna make burgers outta that. mmmm sausage bacon burgers :stuck_out_tongue:

There will be a Pig Out barbeque at Bubbalous on the Wednesday before Florida…perhaps this should be on the menu

Oink Oink Boom, my heart exploded and I think I’m in heaven. I mean meat wrapped around more meat, I dont think I could ask for more.

That is a thing of beauty. I may have to try my hand at it. The woven bacon strips rock.

Now that is a roll I could really enjoy. I hate sushi rolls and egg rolls, but a bacon roll? That is the best idea ever.

You mean Meat wrapped around more Meat, with Meat inside!

Served, of course, on a Krispy Kreme folded into a [strike]hot dog[/strike] sausage roll bun. Like Paula Deen’s hamburgers served between a pair of the delicious morsels…

That is impressive! And since bacon is truly one of my two most favorite foods, I think I would love to find someone to make it for me! :yikes:

Jane, I agree! The bacon weaving was the best part. I might have to try that on my own! :slight_smile:

You know what would make this even better?

Putting it on a stick.

You’d need, like, a 2x4 to support that.

But, it would totally be worth it, though. :smiley: