Exploding Bacon Vex Competition Thanks & Congrats

Well, about an hour ago I hopped off a train from Winter Park and the Exploding Bacon Vex Competition. For an event that was supposed to be a handful of people in Doug Leppard’s garage, it was a great time. I just wanted to put in a few thank-yous and props:

The entire Austin family for putting me up (and putting up with me) for the weekend. If you ever get the chance to meet them at Florida or whereever else they wind up, take it.

Dan for use of the mattress (and the waffles, too!)

Mr. Leppard for writing the rules, helping with the facility to handle all 125ish people, and helping to handle the odd issues that come up with running a new event–all while kicking butt on the field at the same time.

George Wallace for enough wisdom to make the train ticket worth the money alone, even without the robots, and for making it possible for me to type coherently at 2:33 AM by keeping me up until four in the morning last night.

Mike Walker for another awesome scoring system, and those awesome photos of the robots (among other things).

The Mr. Robottle team, for what might be the most impressive-looking robot in the field. The drive issues on the field were just painful to watch. (Mike had better post a picture of their robot–it was simply amazing to see.)

Barry for putting up with all of our ribbing :wink:

Tytus, Arefin, and Jaine for coming from way too far away (yes, I’m one to talk) and not groaning too much when I drafted you into service.

And everybody who came either as a spectator, volunteer, competitor, or somewhere in between. I hope to see this become a recurring event.

Thanks 1902 for putting on an enjoyable free event, Bilfred for the furthest distance award, and Chuck for giving my robot the “special robot” award…


  1. did I miss a whole lot of fun?

  2. does Wendy have any voice left?



Yes. (Don’t ask me how.)