Exploding Swamp C@TS (+ Voltage)

Thanks to 1902, 179, and 386 for an amazing alliance!

Also, thanks a TON to team 386 for filling in for us in the finals. We were all quite worried after the second semifinals match, and you guys came through. The Florida regional got quite competative towards the end. Can’t wait to see 1902 again and the other Florida teams in Vegas in a few weeks, and hopefully, we’ll see you all at the Championships!

It was fun finally getting to say “OINK OINK…BOOM!”

haha “oink oink BOOM!!!” now if only i could get my voice back from yelling it…

It was fun for me as a mentor, but it was nerve racking.

I appreciated our partners and the spirit of FIRST. Thanks for stepping in 386!

I’m sure I speak for the entire team when I say “You are VERY welcome!” and the immediate follow-on would be to “THANK YOU ALL!” for inviting us to your alliance with open arms!

I’m glad we were able to hold off the leading alliance for at least one of the matches! I’m told that we would have taken the final match as well with just one more correctly placed ringer! If only one of the two autonomouses (autonomii?) would have worked!

I was proud to serve with such outstanding teams. You all made the competition exciting for everyone!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lynn (D) - Team Voltage Coach

I went back and looked at the final score for the final match and yes one more ringer could have done it. So sorry our auto mode decided to not work that round 13 out of 16 times with an successful autonomous is not bad, but bummer of time not to work.

Also if 386 had gotten up on ramp first and 1902 decided to stay and put on another ringer that would have done it. But they made the right move at the right time.

But you can play this game all day. I feel good about being finalist in one of the best regionals around.

Plus we won a match 2 bots against 3 with 233 and 180 being two of the bots. So I am proud of this team.

We need to go to Vegas and Atlanta and win.

I was mulling it over too, but its done :slight_smile: . If we had known 86’s transmission was dead the last 2 matches, all we had to do was turn them towards the wall, and they couldn’t deploy the ramp. If our arms didn’t get bent in the semi final (thanks Tytus) we could have scored so many more. But its done, and we still fought hard. Had we left you guys on the ramp at the end of the 3rd match we would have tied. It was fun and I’m glad its over. Again thanks for picking us. Looks like we might be in the same division at nats. We’ve got better plans for keeping the arms running. So hopefully we’ll be seeing you in the finals again :slight_smile: Good luck at Las Vegas!