Export First Choice Priority List

Every year we struggle with how to effectively share the first choice priority list with the whole team. It seems the email function doesn’t keep the items in priority order which is quite annoying.

In an ideal world the First Choice site would allow sharing a link to our priority list.

To solve the problem we developed a short bit of code that can be added to your browser’s bookmark bar to export the first choice list as tab separated values which can easily be pasted into a spreadsheet.

The code is here: Extract first choice priority list to tab separated values for pasting into a spreadsheet · GitHub
One can turn that code into a bookmarklet with the help of this site: Bookmarklet Maker

Once you’ve created the bookmarklet, drag the “FC Export”
to your browser’s bookmark bar, then navigate to your priority list and click the new bookmark named “FC Export”

The script parses the page and creates a popup which you can copy the content of and paste into a spreadsheet.
Here is a view of the popup:

Hopefully others find this helpful.


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