Export Persistent NetworkTables data

Is there a way that we could import/export the persistent table out of NetworkTables easily?

Last year, we had 2 robots (practice/real), and we used the persistent feature to say the CAN IDs for the swerve corners are these values in NetworkTables. Then you can quickly change offsets/IDs when needed, and the robot remembers them…

Except when a code update wipes the tables 20 minutes before a playoff match…

So, before we use it again, is there a way that we can backup the tables? Or should we develop a solution for it. (All our data is in one table, so we could just loop through the table and import/export a JSON of the values)

We currently don’t have a built-in way to do this. Exporting is pretty easy—you can download the networktables.json file from the Rio via FTP or SFTP (it’s located in /home/lvuser). Importing is similar: upload the file to the Rio, and then restart the user program.

It’s on the feature wish list to provide a way to do this via a webpage.