Export Solidworks Files

I can’t seem to export my solidoworks files as .step files. I have the registered standard version but don’t see any other options than .sldprt in the save as option. Do I have to put it on the student edition to do it? is there an add on I can find and use?

I have SolidWorks Professional 2011 and there are over 20 alternate file types, including STEP AP203 & AP214, that are available with the “File, Save As” command. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember and I started with SW 2005. I’ve never had to install an add-in.

What version of SolidWorks do you have?

I have solidworks standard with a license. Do you get yours from FIRST? and how can I get one of those then?

You can get a free student license directly from SolidWorks.

I think it took a little over a week for the install disks to arrive.

I’m running on a student license from october that doesn’t stop till next November