Exporting Onshape Assembly to STEP files?

It’s the day before kickoff, and I’ve decided I want to start printing some stuff to double check my prusa mini is in good shape. I figured I’d start printing the Mucho Cheapo Swerve posted a little while back. The issue I’m having though is accessing the files to be able to print. I was hoping to open things in SolidWorks first to “peruse” the assembly in more detail before printing.

What is the easiest way to export an OnShape assembly to a STEP file? Is this even possible? When I load the link in the Mucho Swerve post, a new tab opens up and I can clearly view and rotate the model. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to download any kind of files.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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It’s 100% possible, but that document doesn’t seem to have export turned on in their share options.

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Well that would do it! I’ll have to reach out to the OP of that post and see if they’re able to help out.



Export permissions should be updated now! My bad for not having these turned on in the first place. You can export by right clicking on a part and selecting “export”. Make sure you export in a compatible unit to what your slicer is running, for Cura that’s millimeters, but I’m not sure about prusaslicer.
Here are the settings I typically use:

Please send pics if you print the design, I’d love to see!

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