extend doring contact with allaince tower.

<G30> c::confused:
TOWER Contact ROBOT Volume - During a MATCH, ROBOTS in contact with their ALLIANCE TOWER may extend beyond their NORMAL CONFIGURATION volume but may not exceed the FINALE CONFIGURATION maximum volume
why you think this law is importent. I think alot about it and didnt find the unswer please help me. tnx omri

Omri- That portion of <G30> allows you to start your hang early (Before the Finale - last 20 seconds of the match) if for any reason that is necessary (i.e. taking longer than 20 seconds to hang, etc.).

Saying it cannot go over the FINALE CONFIGURATION means that the FINALE CONFIGURATION dimensions are the maximum the robot can go, at all. The FINALE CONFIGURATION is the max dimensions for the robot, accounting for extending anything off the top to hang with.

Hopefully that clears it up, since DanDon has the right idea, but the rule explicitly makes the FINALE CONFIGURATION the max dimensions for the robot, bar none (no pun intended).

ok … but i was thinking if you have contact with the tower . maybe you can SUSPENDED an oppenent robot.? the idea you give is the first thing i think about. maybe there is something alse?

Be careful because you cannot grab, attach, etc. to the other alliances robots.