Extended Arm


Our robot has an arm and intake, It will extend more than 16 in when both of them extended, but it’s OK if only one of them is extended. Does it violate the R04 ? "ROBOTS may not extend more than 16 in. (~40 cm) beyond their FRAME PERIMETER (see Figure 8-1), except during the ENDGAME (see G05). "?


The rule you’re referencing is from last year. This year there is a 30" limit beyond the frame perimeter. Based on your description, you should be in the clear.


^^ And you should also note that there is no endgame exception this year. See G24 and R4.

And don’t break the opposing cargo ship line, e.g. to play defense unless you get the arm back inside the frame perimeter. (G3)

I’ve posted a summary of the robot rules changes between 2018 and 2019 here. This does NOT include the much broader changes to the game and other rules.