Extended Desktop....

OK, I have a desktop with a built in VGA card integrated in the motherboard. So, if i buy something like this I will be able to use two monitor using the Extended Desktop feature of the Intel Drivers, Right? Or do i have to get a card that has two VGA outputs?

Thanks for the help!

It works fine with my desktop back at home. So I assume you can… No promises though!

if you get a dual out video card you can use that alone and turn off your intergrated video card and free up a little bit of ram and processor work.

The Rage 128 Pro architecture is something like 8 years old, and based on the Rage which dates to the mid-90s. It’s drivers are available from ATI for Windows XP and below, but are no longer updated. Also, don’t expect 3-D acceleration of anything meaningful: your integrated Intel graphics chip is probably far better. For all intents and purposes, this is only good for 2-D.

For $19.99, it’s cheap enough, but you’d really be much better off grabbing an older Radeon or GeForce. They can be had for around $30.00, and will provide far more performance.

If you include a few more details about your needs, your current system, how long you intend to keep it, and what interfaces are available, we could probably recommend something specific.

Generally speaking, it is not very easy to setup a dual screen display with two different video cards (as far as my experienc takes me).

you will be much better off buying a new card that already has a dual output on it.

you may spend a little more, but you get a 100% gurantee that you will get dual screen working.