Extending beyond 48 inches in community and loading zones

Is their any limit to the length the robot can extend beyond it’s perimeter in the community and loading zones? I noticed on the rule it sets a 48 inch limit but not sure where that rule applies.

I don’t see anything in G107 that changes when you are in or out of one of your Zones.

Perhaps you were thinking of the rule that you can’t extend at all when you are in an Opponent’s Zone?

What would the last line be referring too in this?

That blue box is part of Rule G109. That rule allows you to extend over multiple sides of your robot at once if the robot is fully contained in your community/loading zone (Exemption B).

Still limited to a max of 48 inches for each extension per G107.

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I’d like to verify people’s understanding of this rule. If the links of the arms are CAPABLE of extending beyond 48" past the frame but our controls prevent it are we within the rules?


Q139 answers/clarifies the OP and Q131 confirms that software restrictions on extension are legal.

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