Extending beyond frame perimeter with multiple parts

According to G18, robots can only extend 12 inches beyond the frame perimeter. However, is extending beyond the frame perimeter with two mechanisms/in two directions legal? It doesn’t seem like there is any specification on this in the blue box.

Within the blue box, the coloured bars on the robot diagrams are shown as yellow (compliant to G18) in both directions, so it seems as if there is no restriction on this.

Additionally, in the past we have seen buddy climb mechanisms (eg. a ramp on either side of a robot) that have been multidirectional extensions, in which case, has the rule been changed in a more obscure section (for whatever reason) this year?

Your robot can expand to the full 12" extension in every direction on that plane at once if you so choose. This is the case through the entire match.

There’s even a picture of it in R4.