Extending height limit during endgame

G17. Tall ROBOTS not allowed. ROBOT height, as measured when it’s resting normally on a flat
floor, may not exceed 45 in. (~114 cm) above the carpet during the MATCH, with the exception of

Can someone confirm this for me. From what I understand you cannot exceed 12 in. above the perimeter during game but during endgame we can exceed the the 12 in. limit.

“Above the perimeter” is kinda a meaningless term, as the perimeter is an infinitely tall box surrounding the robot. During the entire match, you cannot exceed 12 inches around your perimeter. During the entire match except for when in the ENDGAME and in their ALLIANCE’s RENDEZVOUS POINT the robot cannot exceed 45". I see no height limit during that period, however.

I think what it is saying is that you can’t extend vertically beyond the 45 inches during the match until endgame, when you have unlimited height. The 12 inch extension is for frame perimeter only (the horizontal plane).

Your robot cannot be more than 45" tall during the match. It can exceed this height during the endgame if intersecting the rendezvous point

Frame perimeter would be the vertical plane. Think of it like your robot in the center of a box, with 12” space on all sides, and no space on top. Your robot can’t go up, past the horizontal plane of the top of the box, or out past 12”, past the vertical plane of the frame perimeter, as your robot would break the box.

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I disagree, I think that in endgame there is no limit to the height of your robot. If you were unable to extend more than 12" higher than the 45" starting configuration limit, you would be unable to reach the 5’3" (63") starting height of the generator switch.

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Yeah. Sorry, I meant that if you were looking down on the top of the robot, aka looking at the horizontal plane, you can’t extend more than 12 inches on that. If you look from the side, you can’t extend vertically beyond the starting configuration height of 45 inches until during endgame, where if you are in the rendezvous point you have unlimited height.
R4 Frame Perimeter


I agree with this. I was simply differentiating between the vertical and horizontal plane, and using the height limit as an example of a horizontal plane

Ah, okay. That makes sense. I’ve always just seen it as frame perimeter being a vertical plane, but i see what youre saying


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