Extending outside the frame perimeter with a T show grabber

Our team was wondering about wether our arm violate G109. Our arm design includes a grabber on a rail (A). The rail extends outwards from the sides but moves with the arm (C), and on it is the grabber mechanism (B) which can move in and out. Our questions is if the arm (C) is angled so that the rail (A) is then extending outside the frame perimeter but not the grabber arms (B) itself is that a violation or rule G109?

If you are outside your community or loading zone any extension which extends past the projection of the side of your robot is a violation of G109. This means you would be violating even if only A extends past the sides.

Unless momentary, so things wiggling around would be fine as long as it fits the momentary definition of 3 seconds.

If A is outside for more than three seconds this is a violation.

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