Extending parts beyond 30 inchs

Our robot,in it’s current state, has multiple grabber configurations, one of those configurations can extend, mechanically,beyond the 30 inch rule after a bit of discussion we came to the conclusion of constraining it through software.
My question is,in regards to Robot construction rules is doing this permitted? or do we have to find a way to mechanically constrain it.

Its ok, you just need to demonstrate it during inspection.

To my knowledge it’s legal to restrain it in software, though if your software fails or something else happens you’re on the hook for the foul and possible re-inspection.
I would add a cable or some other mechanical restraint to physically limit the travel if possible.

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Yes rule updates clarified R4 to indicate it could be constrained either by hardware or software …
combined updates

If your robot is mechanically capable of extending beyond 30 inches and software is the only constraint, I understand the RIs will note this and pass to the referees so they can watch for it. It would be best to physically constrain it, or at least have a clear way to identify when/how this can happen so the refs know what to look for as regards G24 fouls. The harder it is to determine, the more likely you are to get called for G24 when you’re only 28 inches out.

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