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This is a somewhat odd and quick question: We’re coming to Detroit from Israel and are planning on ordering extension cords from amazon to use in our pit. We would need to power two andymark 3 bank battery chargers, in addition to many various small devices, at 110v. What AWG extension cord do you think we should get? 12AWG? 14AWG? Any recommendations about power strips - surge protected, awg, etc…?

I feel bad creating an entire topic for this question but I wasn’t sure where to ask.

Either 14 or 12 will work. You shouldn’t be pulling more than 15 amps with what you listed. I would keep them short as possible. The electrical safety rules should be much the same as in Israel. (We actually use metric amps in the states)

Thanks for the prompt reply! I wasn’t sure how much power the battery chargers drew (it doesn’t specify the amps on AndyMark or Dual Pro) so that’s why I was unsure.

We’ll probably go with 14AWG then.

You will want a three-prong cord (The third prong is ground). And, you should also get a power strip for all of the smaller things. If you get one with USB connectors, then your folks don’t have to worry as much about buying cell-phone chargers that work in the US.

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Funny they don’t give the input power requirements of the chargers. But the output of a 3 bank charger is only 210 W. Which is only 2.8 amps at 120. So the chargers shouldn’t pull over 3-4 amps.

Yes, same thing in Israel.

Most cell phone chargers are 110-220v regardless so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for:) Any idea why they don’t post official current ratings?

No idea why the MFR doesn’t have incoming power requirements. I think it is a labeling requirement for UL. You might look on the charger to see if there.

I have a single-bank charger of the same brand/type above my desk. It reads Input 100-240VAC - 2.0A 50/60Hz. There’s no way it really should pull that much, but 3x that is a good upper bound.

That’s the thing. We don’t have the charger on hand since we’re ordering (2) from AndyMark and will get it at the competition.

Does anyone have a 3 bank they could check by chance?

Indeed, since electrical wire ratings are related to temperature rise, you could safely use a 16 AWG cord in this instance, particularly if it is only 15-20 feet.

(In theory you could use 32 AWG, but it would have to be bathed in liquid nitrogen. I recommend against this :wink: )

I AndyMark 3 bank is labeled 120/240 vac at 5amp. I expect that is peak

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