Does the extension perimeter of 15 inches have any bearing on the maximum extension a robot has should it want to reach the high bar?

No problem if you are only extending vertically from your ROBOT.

But if your ROBOT tips so that the FRAME PERIMETER is no longer parallel to the floor, it would be at a large risk of violating G18.

Rule G17 states the following:

G17 ROBOT height, as measured when it’s resting normally on a flat floor, may not exceed 4 ft. 6 in.
during the MATCH, except during the final twenty (20) seconds of TELEOP where there is no height
limit when a ROBOT is fully contained by the opponent’s COURTYARD.

During the final 20 seconds of the match you are allowed unlimited height while in the same area of the field as the castle you are attempting to capture.

The frame perimeter is a barrier that extends vertically. So while within your perimeter you can reach up vertically infinitely, you can still only extrude 15 inches outside of your perimeter.

Better example, imagine sitting in a box you are allowed to reach up as high as you want straight up. The second you stick your hand 16 inches out of the box you get slapped on the wrist and told “no”

G17 also says quite clearly you cannot exceed 4ft 6in until 20 seconds remain. That means any extension vertically outside of that would be in violation of that rule. It says nothing about extending out the 2D plane around the robot, so the 15 inch extension rule applies there.

I haven’t actually done the math on it but from the videos I’ve seen released it looks possible the issue teams have been hitting is rotating frame perimeters.

What? How? A number of CAD sketches here on CD have proven that starting from the tower wall and resting on the batter, a mechanism would not have to extend more than 15" outside the robot’s frame perimeter to reach the bar, and height is unlimited.

Here’s one.

I never said that a robot had to extend more then 15" outside the frame perimeter to reach the bar. I said that doing so is a rule violation.

Nope, it’s actually pretty accurate. (Going up the Batter has no relevance to ability to Scale the Tower, BTW. Point of reference.)

You are in a box, extending 15" from your Frame Perimeter, height 4’6". At 20 seconds left in the match, the lid is taken off. The box orients with your robot (in relation to the robot’s “flat floor” position).

If at any point you go through the walls or lid of the box, the penalty flags fly.

I realized what he meant a little bit later. We were on the same page, but I had assumed he was talking about not being able to reach 15 inches vertically above the robot. It was a misunderstanding on my part.