Extent of Cooperation in 2016

Do you think cooperation is going to be a big part of this year’s game? Clearly to get the most rank points you’ll need multiple robots to work together to breach the defenses and capture the tower. A possible example of further cooperation would be robots working together to ferry balls across the field. What are your takes on the game?

There is always strategy (cooperation) involved.

At a minimum, each robot will be assigned to a major role of: Scoring, crossing, defense, ferry, etc.

Crossing the Gate/drawbridge is easiest done with cooperation.

Who crosses which defenses - don’t waste time crossing a defense more than twice until at least 4 are damaged.

Maybe less “cooperation” than “coordination”.

I feel as if there is going to a be pertinent need for alliance cooperation due to the idea and need to lower the outer defenses, breaching the tower, and climbing. This will especially hold true in Qualifications when that ranking point will become essential to whether or not teams move on or not.

I imagine that alliances who coordinate which order they’re going to breach defenses and with which robots will be able to do so fantastically faster than those that don’t.

Fast robot breaches one, knocks over the drawbridge (or opens the sally port, or lifts the portcullis), allows the other two through. Etc.

As always there will be a benefit to cooperation. As others have said the sally port and drawbridge appear to be significant technical challenges that also more readily defeated through teamwork. The limited visibility will also necessitate coordination between the spy and the drivers, particularly in defensive situations.

At the very least coordination will be needed to capture the tower.