External data storage

I’m new to this “embedded” programming. We are using MPLAB and the IFI Loader. In my program I can use the printf command to show information while the program is running.
However, while testing, I would like to collect data and then output it to a device so that I can read the data into a program like EXCEL and plot the data.
Can any one tell me a way of doing this?

The OI RC combination has a feature called Dashboard. All data passed between the two devices is output at the Dashboard connector on the OI. Several teams have developed viewers and data loggers over the years. Please check the IFI website for documentation and search here posts related to dashboard.

In the past, we have used the labview dashboard, which is easy to modify and has logging capability built in.

In other cases, we’ve used printfs to output the data in a comma delimited form, and used hyperterminal’s data logging to save it and then imported it into excel.

one way that GRR has done this is to open hyperterminal, configure the input, and then in hyperterminal you can write the output to a text file, Im not sure if you could easily convert that to an excel spread sheet, but that i what we have done in the past.

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See my post here http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59779&highlight=bluetooth+telemetry in the Bluetooth discussion.


I had exactly the same desire as you so I looked around for a device I could use to do datalogging on the robot. I considered wireless, but I decided I also wanted to do it during competitions (would have helped a LOT last year).

I just got my logger working (in one day) & have written up a white paper… it was REALLY easy. It saves the data on an SD Flash card that can be read by your PC.


Have fun :slight_smile:

Great idea PhilBot, and not that expensive.