External Driver Station

I am thinking about making an external driver station panel so you will be able to do more things such as external camera processing and then say you get your desired shooter angle from the camera data then send the angle to the cRio. It will be alot faster camera processing since it will be on a faster processor. I am wondering what else I could implement such as displaying the digital i/o and battery and everything! And this will be for Java so you will have to be running Java on the cRio.

Just because you run Java on the driver station doesn’t mean you have to run java on the crio. (or vice versa) Also if you are programing the Crio in java you are still running labview code on the Crio?

Ok but I wouldnt know how labview supports socket connections I would have to look into that. But as for java and c++ I know they can handle sockets.

In LabVIEW they are on the TCP protocol palette.

Greg McKaskle

Ok so I will have to look into labview and see how to work it… So I might be thinking of just adding some custom methods to the wpilib for java and c++. but I dont know about labview that might be kind of tricky…

Using TCP in LV is easy. It just takes a few icons, … but that is what we always say…

If you have issues, post your question in the LV forum.

Greg McKaskle