External Output Device

Hi! to all programmers. I just want to know how can i can display output on my operator interface. For example during the match if i want to display my robot’s current gryo_angle or acceleration using external output device how would i do it?
I did some research and I found out that i can buy some LCD’s from sparkfun. Can i simply use a laptop do the job? and do i have to connect my laptop to the dashboard port?

If can get little advise on this topic it would be great. Thank You.

The default code has an example of using the user byte to display the backup battery voltage in the numeric display on the OI.

Otherwise, I think you can use the dashboard, in conjunction with your operator interface to display data values. Then you could output the data on an unused PWM and display that.

You can use the dashboard port with a laptop. Another option is to directly use an LCD like what Kevin Watson posted some pictures of his color screen he used during camera code testing. There are more ways involving custom PCBs, but those 2 are the easiest ways.

Hi Crhis! That was a great info. However can you please provide a bit more of detail regarding how kevin actually did it? Like we already bought our LCD. I just want to know how to hook it up to the Operator Interface. After reading through PDF’s i herad that you can see the outpouts from dashboard port. However do you actually need extra software(environment) to see the outputs? Or is it as simple as plugging in LCD or Laptop to Dashboard port and it will work?

Yes, you will need to use some software to translate the Dashboard data to something a human can comprehend. You can use IFI’s Dashboard program (on their website), use LabVIEW’s VI for Dashboard data (search CD for it), which has the added benefit of working with Macs, or rolling your own, if you possess 1337 h4x0r skills.

WOW! Amazing that was very helpful information its like right on dot thanks! :slight_smile: