Extra 2012 Basketballs?

Hey guys,
I was wondering if any teams still have an abundance of the 2012 basketballs that they might be willing to send to us. We’ve just destroyed the three that we have and still use our 2012 robot for a lot of demos. We have some demos planned for over the summer so it would be great to get some newer balls since ours are now falling apart from so much use! They don’t have to be completely new, just having the outside coating is a plus!

We would be willing to pay for any shipping costs :slight_smile: We’re in CT. Let me know if anyone has any!


I am almost positive 195 has some to spare! I can talk to my mentors on Wednesday at our team meeting about arranging to get them to you.

You can also get similarly sized balls from any athletic store. It may be easier to buy a bunch of those, and you can probably find one that is reasonably close to 2012.

That would be fantastic! Please let me know :slight_smile: We’re excited to be doing so many robot demos and the basketballs are just so much fun for kids :slight_smile:

how many would you want?

Team 178 has 4 basketballs from 2012. Drop me a pm if you’d like them. :slight_smile:

I sent you a private message to arrange when we could pick them up since you’re so close.