Extra Hardware Changes

Posted by Rod Prather.

Engineer on team #234, Cyber Blue, from Perry Meridian High School and Rolls Royce.

Posted on 10/24/2000 10:39 AM MST

One post on the forum by Joe Johnson said that #35 chain, springs and other sizes of PVC were to be added to the extra hardware list. The post said follow the link. The link led nowhere and I have yet to see an apps update. What is the status of this, yea, nay or limbo?

Posted by Michael Martus.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Coach on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central H.S. and Delphi Automotives Systems.

Posted on 10/24/2000 5:36 PM MST

In Reply to: Extra Hardware Changes posted by Rod Prather on 10/24/2000 10:39 AM MST:

They were added. I will look for the link.

All the chain you want #35, and if course links to put it together.

Springs of any type as long as they are over the counter and not special order.

PVC schedule 40 to 2 1/4 inch with any fittings.

I remember seeing these answers I will verify as soon as this is posted.