Extra Hours

Anybody getting to Atlanta earlier then Wednesday or leaving later than Sunday? If so what do you plan on doing for the extra time? I don’t want to be left doing ridiculous amounts of scouting before the competition or spending hours going over the competition in my head after the competition.

You can always visit CNN, aquarium, coca cola, eat peaches =P

You can also just tour the city. Visit neighboring cities, eat dinner at Medival Times, or go to Stone Mountain

Our team had a plan earlier this year to stay longer to sight-see and vacation, but the logistics of that became too complex so the idea was dropped.

We’re getting there early on Wednesday, some things we think we might do:
-Aquarium (we went there last year too; it was pretty cool.)
-Stone Mountian Theme Park
-Cocoa Cola

I’ve never been to Stone Mountian or Cocoa Cola. How are they? I’ve heard Coke is kinda boring, seeing how they don’t even make coke there…

Last time I went to Stone Mountain it was really nice. From what I hear now, if you go at night, there are fireworks shows etc. Whether you go during the day or at night, the view is wonderful. If you have time, it is def. a nice place to spend all day. If you can’t put aside one day, have at least 2 hrs put aside.

Ok, here’s what’s up.

Cocoa Cola - Great and they have a new building which is great. They have a short history section and then flavor tasting lots of different flavors. They have an amazing gift shop.

Braves - If you get a chance, go to the Braves game. They’re a great team and although baseball doesn’t sound exciting, the games are amazing and there’s always fun things to do.

Aquarium - The Georgia aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. With lots of diverse species and animal displays, the Georgia aquarium is bound to be a great time.

Stone Mountain - A great place. There are places to hike, watches videos, take rides, and much much more. They have great things to do around the mountain but the village is the best. You can also go on top of the mountain. There are fireworks and a laser show every night.

Medieval nights - if you take I-85 North and drive for half an hour and then look out for the sugarloaf exit, this’ll be past Spaghetti Junction, then inside Discover Mills mall you’ll find great shopping, movies, Jillians, and Medieval Nights. Discover Mills is a day’s worth of fun.

CNN - learn how the news network works. Tour their building. Tours are usually an hour and they leave every half an hour.

Centennial Olympic Park - This park is right in front of CNN. This park is amazing with a fountain in the center. There’ usually something going on but it’s just a great place to hang out.

Stone Mountain is actually pretty cool. It’s not a difficult climb at all (the last time I went I was 7 and it was storming; I’d also been many times previous). If the whole outdoors experience is a turn off for some members of your team, there are also quite a few little attractions in the park that should cater to anyone’s interest, I can remember a museum, fireworks and the laser show, there should be a lot more since then.

I went to the World of Coke the year before it moved to the new facilities, but from what I understand, it’s pretty similar. To me, it’s BORING. Sure there are neat little factoids about the Coke brand over the years, but the most interesting part was the soda sampling, which was at the very end.

A few of us will be checking out the Aquarium this year. From what I’ve heard it’s pretty amazing.

What I really want to do as weird as it may sound is play Ultimate Frisbee or Football. Last year I played a lot during Nationals but this year I won’t be able to since I have to work the entire time. I know that this won’t happen though.

Instead, is there anyone who is arriving earlier or later that wouldn’t mind if my mother and I tagged along with them while they are visiting different places?

See thats the thing. My team is arriving later than and leaving earlier than I am because my mother did not okay me to go until it was too late. If they were there with me, we probably would just chill in the hotel or just hang out at some random park or something.

Te is also the zoo. Its overlooked but it was nice to spend time there last year.
Last year we also went to ESPN zone for dinner. It was fun, there was alot of big racing games, basketball, air hockey and pool to play

They make chocolate soda in Atlanta?!! :ahh:

Jay, if you want to learn how a news network works you can do that at home. Try to do something uniquely Atlanta while your’re there…the Aquarium, Coca-Cola, Braves game, Stone Mountain, etc.

What do you mean by this?

New York City offers the same exact experience at CBS, ABC, and NBC. It’s not really worth it to take a tour of CNN to learn how a news network works in Atlanta when you can have a very similar tour in your hometown.

Oh I see. Isn’t CNN different from those news networks though? Not that I am thinking about visiting there. I am just curious.