extra image discussion text

Would it be possible to have the extra discussion threads created for images include the text explaining the image? I always end up clicking on the image in thread so that I can read the text, but it would be really convient if it could just be displayed right there in the thread itself.

Anyways, just my 2c.


I second the motion.


All in favor of making Brandon do more work?


All in favor raise your hands!



I agree.

Sorry Brandon.

Hey while youre at it, why don’t you throw in some flashy lights and stuff flying across the screen.:wink:

I guess Brandon is too sick of the work we give him so he stopped browsing ChiefDelphi :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a excellent suggestion though.

I’m sure if you YELL loud enough, he’ll hear :wink: Now, what we really need is a big spotlight in the sky that shoots out the letters “CD” so Brandon knows to come running to the server cave …

Though I must admit that this has bugged me for a while too.

Brandon has a group of dedicated moderators. He should just take a two week vacation from ChiefDelphi. You know, while he still can…

::cracks whip::

Get to work.


Believe it or not, I have a job. And I work at this job. Today was one of those days where I had a ton to do. So, yep.

I was going to make the CD47-Bot disappear, and make the person who uploaded the picture create the thread. In that post would be the picture, and the description. This is in the works, I just had something else (May 15th, it will be unveiled) I was (and still am) working on.

Brandon, take your time. You’re doing a great job. I wish I had even a bit of your expertise.

BTW are you going to put that portal button at the bottom of the page next to the previous/next thread links?

Oops! I knew I forgot something.

How’s that look?

You are AMAZING !!!

Kudos to the #1 webMASTER.

Thanks again. :cool:

Would that mean it would be impossible for someone else to start a thread on an image they saw that was uploaded by someone else?

And I really doubt you do actual work… :wink:

I imagine that he meant that when you start a discussion, instead of the new thread saying it was started by CD47-BOT, it will say it was started by the person who uploaded the picture.