Extra "non-vex" sensors

i was at radioshack the other day, and found that the have 2axis accelerometers (http://www.hobbyengineering.com/H1581.html) and i figured it was something that would be cool to use on my vex. however, one of my friends explaned to me that the way that it would plug in would be into an analog input, but the vex does not have one… so my questions are:

  1. is he right?
  2. is there any way to connect it to the vex system?
  3. how?
  4. if not, are there any accelerometers that are vex compatible?
  5. how would i program it in easyc?

Thanks for your help

Easy-C has built in functionality to use gyro’s. (Analog Devices ADXSR300, available at Digikey PN ADXSR300EB-ND) is configured to connect directly to the VEX system. It connects into the analog port. Price $53.75 per piece.

If you purchase an accelerometer or gyroscope, make sure it has an analog output (typically 2.5V when not stationary). There are some parts on the market that have a different style of output that will be more difficult to interface to the VEX system.

The 2axis acelerometers from Radio Shack are not analog. They are digital sensors that display output as a frequency. The analog output is a callibration output.