Extra Rev Power Distribution Panel

Hey guys,

My team is restarting this summer and we found out we are missing so many items. We are just wondering if anyone has a spare Rev Power Distribution Hub since it’s currently out of stock and we are not able to purchase it. Please let us know and we would like to make a purchase!

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According to REV’s website, it should be in stock within the next few weeks.
In the meantime, if you still have your old robots, the CTRE PDP is still usable.

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Thank you so much for the information. I’ve already signed up for the notify list!

We might be able to help. I think I threw one into our electrical spare parts bin for our off season event next week. I know we have at least one spare but do not have access to our buildroom until September. Our stuff for the event is in a storage unit and I’ll swing by there later today and check. Unless someone else has one to offer you for sure.

If I were you I would just wait till they come back in stock on Rev. However in the meantime if you have a project that requires the PDH what I would do is put the CTRE PDH as a placeholder and you can wire everything to, then one the REV one arrives since all the wires are already there you can just disconnect the CTRE one and pop in the new one.

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Tysm for the offering! Keep me updated :))))

Sorry, couldn’t find it when I looked at what we have in the storage unit. Maybe someone else can help, if you really need it before they come back in stock

No worries. Thank you so much!