Extra Rev SparkMax

Hello, this is a message to any Oregon or Northern California Team,

My name is Lewis Eibner, I’m the co-captain of team 3024, and we need ask you for assistance.

Today, only a few days from our first competition, one of our Rev SparkMax motor controllers for our swerve modules (which run Neos) short-circuited, and we have no extras left. We hate to ask, especially with such short notice, but would anyone happen to have an extra SparkMax that they aren’t using? If so, if we could borrow it we would be forever grateful, and we would be able to drive up and get it (preferably tomorrow).

Thank you so much!

~Lewis G. Eibner, Team 3024 Co-Captain

Team 6465 in Bend, OR can loan you a Spark Max, though that is a bit of a drive up here. We’ll also see you in Wilsonville, but that is probably later than you want!

Paul Snape (Mentor)

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