Extra Room in the Holiday Inn...

Posted by Ken Krieger at 1/3/2001 12:40 AM EST

Engineer on team #192, G-Force, from Gunn High School, Palo Alto, CA.

Hi there folks!

Turns out I have an extra room in the Holiday Inn for kick off due to to a little miscomunication!

I have to get rid of it tomorrow (so I don’t have to pay for two) so if you’d like it PLEASE CALL ME.

I’m on the West Coast, so please be kind (translation please call after 8:AM PST). Room goes to the first taker!

I can be reached at 775-843-8431.

Lookin’ forward to seein’ y’all there!!


Posted by Ken Leung at 1/3/2001 1:22 AM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

In Reply to: Extra Room in the Holiday Inn…
Posted by Ken Krieger on 1/3/2001 12:40 AM EST:

Hey all,

You all hear from the other Ken from Gunn Robotics Team.  So please, if you guys have anyone who need a room at Holiday Inn at Kickoff, please leave a message or e-mail me.