Extra Speed Controllers

Due to some circumstances which I cannot really get into, our no longer has the extra speed controllers which we’ve always had in previous years. I know that before, we had stockpiles of old victor 884s from previous years which had accumulated.

Im wondering if there are any teams which also have these lying around, and would be willing to loan one or two to our team to help us out? We all know how hard funds are to come by, and if we can save a few hundred per speed controller we use, it would help tremendously!

If your team does have some old, spare ones lying around your shop that we could borrow for the duration of the year (we can return it either at championships, or mail it afterwords) please let me know ASAP!

where is your school located and how many might you need. we have two 884’s and four 883’s. i am located at Roswell High in Roswell, Georgia. if you need them i am sure we can possibly send them to you. just need your address. hope i can help. :wink:

My school is located in Chatsworth, California. If you are willing to, and your sure that your team doesn’t mind (don’t want to create any problems here!) then PM me or email me at [email protected] and I’ll give you more info. As for how many we need, we are looking at 4 or 5 more.

And thanks a bunch for the help!

Is there a limit to how much you can use on your robot?

I don’t think theres a limit of any sort. One per motor, but I don’t think there is a rule stopping teams from using the speed controllers even when they aren’t hooked up to anything.

Oh, and team 116 volunteered to send a few speed controllers our way, so I think we are set. Thanks to everyone who offered to help us out!


Speed controllers: One expensive way to add weight :cool:

What kind of funding do you guys have, jeeze!!??! I have to beg to get two additional servos ($16 each, as opposed to $116 each)!

We’ve only got our four Victors… one for each side of the drivetrain (small CIM’s), one for the pitch (van door) and one for the pan (minibike) of our launcher mechanism.

Just a reminder, only Victor 884’s are competition legal.