Extra tetra scoring

i have a question, if any body knows the answer please post. During one of our build meetings we were discussing the rule about stacking the vision tetras on the middle line of goals.We know that if you stack one on the the side you get another tetra on the side goal on your end zone and if you put the vision tetra on the center you get an extra tetra on both goals. Now my question is if you place a vision tetra on the center goal and then one on the side goal, does that put two tetras on the side goal in your endzone? Please reply if you know.

That question is posted on the FIRST Q & A site but has not been answered yet.

In the animation that is exactly what happens - red caps the center and side goals. Two tetras are placed on the goal on the side that was capped, and one on the other side. I would take the animation as sufficient proof, but if you want you can wait for FIRST to answer to confirm.

Lookin’ at G10, you should get 3 bonus tetras. A vision tetra on top of center goal gives you two bonus (one on each endzone corner), and a vision on a mid-field edge goal is worth one bonus (placed on one of your endzone corner goals). Placing of the vision tetras must happen in automode to get the bonuses.

You might check out the “rules/strategy” forum… there are tons of questions/answers in there regarding game rules which might be helpful.

Ok this is a similar question that my team can’t decide on:
Does any thing [extra] happen if you cap a vision tetra on a goal that is NOT in the CENTER row. (like, the goals closest the the driver stations).
just about everyone had a different interpretation on this, so does any one have any proof on one way or another?


No. See Rule <G10> in “The Game” section. For anything to happen, a tetra must be stacked on either the “center goal” (the one in the very middle of the field, resulting in two bonus tetras), or “a goal located on the edge of the field” (i.e. the midpoint of the long lengths of the field border - not the short side of the field [which is defined elsewhere as the “alliance station wall”]; this results in one bonus tetra).